Features vs Tools?

September 18, 2018

One decision point in all studio engineering allocation is the mix between features and tools...


The temptation is often to weigh things heavily towards features, because it provides something new for players, making the experience (in theory at least) more compelling...


However what happens in a company where new art content is just as if not more important than new features?  Or in an environment where there is a LOT of new content to be added, every week, every day?



That's the situation we have at Frenzoo with our flagship, Fashion Empire.  For over a year, we'd focused most dev cycles on new gameplay and UI features, steadily adding to the core user experience.


But with our player feedback and our own stats telling us that the most important aspect is fresh, evergreen new content, we knew we had to deliver a higher level than we had before, both in quantity, quality and variety.


With that in mind, recently we've shifted over half of our dev cycles to tools and infrastructure, to help us efficiently scale to thousands of new assets each month...

Whilst not fully complete yet, once done, this should allow us to radically improve new content in the game, and give a much more fun day-to-day experience.  And in parallel, focus our feature development on the things that players really want and appreciate, particularly improving on the very solid core gameplay.

Fashion after all is evergreen, and style inspiration for new seasons is always with us, so we feel good to do the hard investment to make sure we can deliver something infintely fresh in the future...


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